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Famiglia Cigars won't be the only Cigars you smoke but they will be some of the finest.

Famiglia Red & White Label Boutique Cigars

Exclusive Blends, Hand Rolled at the Tabacalera Cuevas & Hermanos in
 Valle del Cibao, Dominican Republic with the Finest Cuban Seed Tobacco







 Famiglia Red Label Sample Packs: $17.99 Sale Price $14.99 
Includes a FREE Cigar Tube, a $5.99 value





 Famiglia White Label Sample Packs: $31.49 Sale Price $25.49 
Includes a FREE Cigar Tube, a $5.99 value




New Breed Magnetically Sealed Humidors.

Don't trust your Cigar Investment to just any Humidor,
without a properly sealed Humidor you could be wasting time and money.
Make New Breed Humidors your first choice.










FREE Boveda Humipak with the Purchase of Every New Breed Humidor.
1 Pak per 5-25 ct. Humidor. A $4.99 value.
2 Paks per 26-50 ct.  Humidor. A $9.98 value.
3 Paks per 51-75 ct. Humidor. A $14.97 value.
4 Paks per 76- 100 ct. Humidor. A$19.96 value.


               Cigar Accessories

plastic 3 cigar case 52 gauge cigars tube accessory










Exception Flavor by Master Blenders
Our goal is not to become a large cigar company, just a successful one which means your satisfaction is our priority. We sell our own line of products to provide our customers with the highest quality cigars, humidors and accessories available. Aficionado Cigars wants to be your source for high-quality, exceptional cigar blends for the distinguished connosieure.


A Passion for Cigars Started it All
After owning a successful cigar shop in upstate New York for 12 years I decided to create a new brand and move to Florida. Now we offer Famiglia White Label and Red Label cigars, as well as our own custom magnetically sealed humidors. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction and unique product lines found nowhere else.


Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction
When we create a unique, perfect blend for our customers our main focus is your satisfaction. We want our cigars to be the best you've ever tasted, with an aroma that is simply perfect. Let us show you how the perfect cigar tastes. When you are completely satisfied with your Famiglia White or Red, our work is done.